Easybike electric mobility

Reliability and safety provide a perfect riding experience


We believe that micro-mobility users should enjoy similar levels of safety features as in other vehicle categories. First of all the comfort and safety of the rider and a focus on reliability that will give full value for your time and money


We can see that the world is changing rapidly, new needs will require new design concepts. We worked hard to successfully develop a 20-inch bike with front and rear suspension, removable battery and fast and compact folding.


All of our products are based on a solid engineering concept, with no shortcuts and the best possible production quality. Easybike has over 10 years of experience in the field of electric mobility and always stays at the forefront of technology and knowledge


Our products consist of thinking of minimum energy consumption for maximum power. Controller programming especially for us in precise synergy to gear motor with strong torque and selected lithium cells

the easybike Z1 is one of the models from the series of bicycles we have developed. we set a challenging goal of 0 glitches, simply because it costs more time, money, and of course damages our reputation. we want to earn customer satisfaction over time. High quality front and rear shock absorber, battery protected inside the chassis and easily folds, making the easybike Z1 the best solutions for urban commuting.

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