Nir – CEO Easybike

After years at the top of high-tech as an engineer, Nir decided to fulfill his vision of developing electric mobility products at the highest level.

Idan – Vice-president of Marketing

With a great love from childhood for two-wheelers and riding of all kinds, Idan decided to promote the arena that is gaining momentum all over the world

how it all began

Easybike is an electric mobility development company since 2009. we believe that this transportation is gaining momentum in a natural place in our lives. we have reserched the field extensively and visited countless exhibitions around the world and discovered common problems to all electric scooters. unfortunately most of them focus on style and compactness rather than providing the answer of safe and efficient riding in the city. After years at the top of high-tech, we decided to develop by our self the scooter that will change the rules of the game and provide a practical solution for electric mobility in the city.


We believe that micro-mobility users should enjoy similar levels of safety features as in other vehicle categories.
First of all the comfort and safety of the rider and a focus on reliability that will give full value for your time and money.


We can see that the world is changing rapidly, new needs will require new design concepts. Clean and minimalist design in black/silver/white colors so that your purchase will be valuable over time.


All of our products are based on a solid engineering concept, with no shortcuts and the best possible production quality. chassis with extrusion technology, without weakness spots that gives a stronger and lighter scooter result than our competitors.


Our scooters consist of thinking of minimum energy consumption for maximum power. Controller programming especially for us in precise synergy to gear motor with strong torque and selected lithium cells.

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