Easybike model G4

Lightweight and powerful electric scooter with large wheels

Range: 35-45 KM         Top speed:  Up to 40 KM/H          Weight: 17.5 KG

Reliability and safety provide
a perfect riding experience

the easybike G4 is the new model from the series of scooters we have developed. we set a challenging goal of 0 glitches, simply because it costs more time, money, and of course damages our reputation. we want to earn customer satisfaction over time. combining an unbreakable chassis with 2 handelbars, large wheels, and still staying in low weight with a unique fold for any vehicle, making the easybike G4 the best solutions for urban commuting.

Prominent benefits

 A light and strong chassis that withstands every obstacle even with heavy riders and retains value for a long time


High-quality “cst” tires and large wheels 12.5-inch produce stable and soft riding

Powerful gear motor with high torque and low energy consumption to maintain the battery




37 – 57 km/h (can be limit) 


17 – 19 Kg  (Battery dependent)


30 – 55 Km (Battery dependent)


38 n/m (48V one motor)

Load Rated Load

Max 140 Kg


12.5 inch CST tires 

It's time for more customers from all over the world to enjoy a quality e scooter easybike G4

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